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Campervan hire – this did NOT go as prepared …


When you work with a campervan, you have a specific concept in your head of how you desire the journey to go. For me, I wished to experience van life in a little camper to choose if we must downsize our motorhome or not.So the charming men at Spaceships Rentals provided me one to check out for a couple of days. I prepared to remain off-grid or utilize Britstops and experience all the very best aspects of having a little ‘stealth’ van.Other than … it didn’t occur like that. At all.0:00 Introduction 01:17 Campervan Employ- Gathering the van 05:06 Driving the camper for the very first time 09:23 My huge error! 14:26 Tips and techniques for camper van hireDesire a low watt electrical blanket ?! Here’s one extremely comparable to ours (affiliate link): here’s one even lower- simply 70w!: your own campervan? Get your FREE pre-trip lists here: to find out to remain off-grid with a motorhome or campervan? Get your FREE list here: to work with a motorhome or campervan (WITH HEATING!!!) Take a look at offers and deals here (affiliate link): #hire #UK #motorhome #rental #tips————– Roaming Bird was developed to assist motorhomers and campervanners take advantage of their time on the roadway. We share weekly suggestions, techniques and evaluations to motivate and influence your next experience, whether you’re a total motorhoming novice, or a more knowledgeable owner trying to find originalities or locations to check out.So, if you have an interest in motorhomes or campervans and wish to take advantage of your time on the roadway, struck SUBSCRIBE and the bell to get our weekly videos.You can likewise get access to our totally free resource library, filled with lists, schedules, suggestions for purchasing your van, taking a trip to Europe, wild outdoor camping and more. Here’s the link: Roaming Bird Motorhome/ Van sticker labels are readily available here: struck subscribe now and I’ll see you in the next video. Safe takes a trip!#motorhomes #campervans #motorcaravans #UK #Europe #vanlife #tipsYou can follow our experiences on:Site: Facebook: Instagram: join our Facebook group: for enjoying!

15 thoughts on “Campervan hire – this did NOT go as prepared …

  1. Whoever has hired that out as a campervan wants 👊 doesn’t even look insulated those curtains are atrocious and that’s just for starters! 🙈

  2. I think you went for too basic a van. Always take the heating option. You should have tried one that had heating and a wet room, it would have given you a better idea.

  3. Felt so sorry for you awake at 4 am due to the cold but love the electric blanket great idea and lol when you cute dog found the warmest spot in the van 🚐😂😂

  4. Good video but don’t understand why you didn’t hire a proper campervan which already had heating, cooking facilities etc built in.

  5. Even in the summer it’s usually freezing at night in the UK.🤣 your dog is so cute. 😍

  6. My goodness Kat, what a baptism of fire – or should that be ice? Who would ever have expected it to get so cold? That was such a basic van too. Honestly it looked so basic as to be uncomfortable. You did so well to power through it – literally. I’d have been off staying at the nearest hotel! I love my T5 campervan – it doesn’t have heating, (yet – but soon!) but it has so much more than the van you hired, things like tons of insulation, solar power (I can go off grid for days), an internal fitted kitchen, proper fitted window blinds, etc etc. If it’s cold I have a Vango heating pad that powers off a power pack, and also have that one essential supply that I rarely travel without – an old fashioned hot water bottle. I also have a great 12v kettle so can boil up hot water whenever off the leisure battery. A little oil filled radiator keeps things toasty warm if on hook up – not forgetting thermals, and a thick warm top like a Snuggly or an Oody if not. Love your electric blanket though -what a find. You should be so proud of yourself getting through such a trial – but it’s definitely not the same experience as staying in an equally sized but better equipped campervan. I hope you can find someone to lend you a VW California Ocean next time – (the Rolls Royce of campers, but at £85,000 plus new definitely not a cheap option).

  7. Must admit, don’t understand why you hired what is basically a car! Looking for a 5 metre camper van? Try the wildaxe pulsar. Winterised so is warm, can stand up, shower, toilet , proper kitchen. A proper campervan. X

  8. Loved the Video Kat, the tips you made are useful, not sure if a camper is for us just yet though.

  9. That looks horrific.. I’ll keep my compact 6.7×2.2 motor home … I think once your living in a basic van you may as well use hotels and a VW Caddy..

  10. You parked up a couple of pitches away from me at Sandringham (Sunlight V66) although I left for Wells before the snow (Wednesday I think). Nice site, great for dog walking. Me and the dogs were toasty 😉

  11. Brilliant video. SO helpful to me. I’ve gone from a typical vw campervan with a poptop down to a day van with fold out bed like your hire one. (It’s a long story but two huge dogs now and me not prepared to sleep up in the poptop was a major factor)! Anyway, not used the ‘basic” setup yet and you’ve convinced me I need a heating arrangement even for the Summer. I’d forgotten about those cold nights in a metal box many years ago! Keep up the good work.

  12. Great vlog, Kat, as usual but what a poor example of a campervan conversion. Surely they could have let you have something better with swivel seats, heating, cooking etc and blinds instead of those awful curtains.

  13. Great video. I have had a converted VW T6.1 for almost a year and it’s fab. It’s my main (only) vehicle and I’ve done numerous trips. OMG, though, a diesel heater is essential. I could ditto everything you said. Underline ‘organisation’! very essential too. I’ve upgraded to a better quality sleeping bag, so don’t need a quilt now and that saves a lot of prime space. One tip though, what’s underneath you, i.e. a good mattress, is key for warmth.

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